How to use "tout" in a sentence?

When do you use tout in French? What are the differences between tous, tout, toute and toutes? 

The word "tout" has different meanings and uses in French: it can be a noun or adjective. In this article, I'll explain three most common uses of "tout".

1) "Tout" means everything

It can be used as it is. The final "t" is usually silent.

Merci pour tout. (Thank you for everything.)

Tout va bien? (Is everything fine?)

Je comprends tout. (I understand everything.)

2) "Tout" is used with expressions

When the word "tout" is used in an expression, it can have completely different meanings. Let's look at these exemples:

Tout le monde (everybody)

Tout le monde est là? (Is everybody here?)

Tout de suite (Immediately) 

Je reviens tout de suite! (I'm coming back immediately!)

En tout cas (In any case, anyway)

En tout cas, je suis heureux. (In any case, I'm happy.)

3) "Tout" = adjectif (whole, all)

When "tout" precedes a noun, it has a fonction of adjectif, meaning it describes a noun. In this case, it means "whole", "all", and you need to choose the right form.

We have four forms:

Tout (mas./sing. form) 

Tu as regardé tout le film ? (Did you watch the whole movie?)

*The final "s" is silent.

Toute (fem./sing. form) 

J'ai écouté toute la chanson. (I listened to the whole song.)

*You need to pronounce the letter "t" at the end.

Tous (mas./plur. form)

Il a donné tous ses livres. (He gave all his books.)

*The final "s" is silent.

Toutes (fem./plur. form)

Toutes mes chaussures sont sales. (All of shoes are dirty.) 

*You need to pronounce the letter "t" at the end, not the "s"

See the short video below for their pronunciation and more examples. 


Write the sentences below using tout, tous, toute or toutes replacing the italic words.

1) Il a compris la leçon.

2) Mes vêtements sont sales.

3) Tu as le film

4) Il a fait la vaisselle

5) Les étudiants ont des questions.


Check your answers

1) Il a compris toute la leçon.

2) Tous mes vêtements sont sales

3) Tu as tout le film

4) Il a fait toute la vaisselle

5) Tous les étudiants ont des questions.

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