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Learn French with Instagram

Have you ever tried using Instagram to learn French? This social platform recently became very popular for language learning, and Tumu Learning follows this new trend very closely.

Do you know that we have an active Instagram account where you can learn and practice French daily from vocabulary to grammar rules?

Every week, we have a theme (food, drink, clothes, winter activities, etc.), and we share new words and expressions. Some posts also include sounds where you can actually listen and practice your pronunciation.

Reels, Posts and Stories

Our reels are a fun, easy and practical way to learn French. These mini-lessons take 10 or 15 seconds, and they are designed for engaging and interactive learning.
We also offer French quizzes on our Instagram stories to help you practice your French skills!


Live Q&A sessions 

We sometimes do live Q&A sessions where you can ask your questions related to French grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or simply practice your writing and listening to French! 

Live Q & A Sessions

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