5 Questions you might get asked at a restaurant in Quebec (Canadian French)

Canadian French/ Quebecois Vocabulary 

To order food in Quebec, first you need to understand the questions that are asked to you. 

In this short video and blog post, you will find 5 French questions you might get asked at a restaurant in Quebec and how to answer to these questions. 

Here are the questions:

  1. C'est pour ici ou pour emporter? (Is this for here or to go?) 
  2. C’est pour combien de personnes? (Is this for how many people?)
  3. Avez-vous fait votre choix? (Have you made your decision?) 
  4. Quelque chose à boire? (Anything to drink?) 
  5. Plate ou pétillante? (Regular or sparkling?) 

And the answers:

  1. Pour ici, s'il vous plaît. (For here, please)
  2. Pour deux personnes. (For two)
  3. Oui, je voudrais ... (Yes, I would like... )
  4. Juste de l'eau. (Water is fine.)
  5. Plate, s'il vous plaît. (Regular, please.)


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