Amener, apporter, emmener and emporter

Amener, apporter, emmener and emporter can be quite confusing in French. In this post, you will learn the differences between these four verbs, their uses and conjugations. 

Amener/Apporter (-to bring along someone/something)

Amener means to bring a PERSON, an ANIMAL or a VEHICLE with you to somewhere. You usually leave them there.

Tu amènes les enfants à l'école? (Are you bringing the kids to the school?)


Apporter is used to express bringing an OBJECT with you. This object must be something you can carry. You usually leave what you bring there.

J'apporte UN GÂTEAU à la fête. (I bring a cake to the party.)


Emmener/Emporter (-to take along someone or something)

Emmener means to take a PERSON, an ANIMAL or a VEHICLE with you. You go somewhere with them.

J'emmène MON CHIEN chez le vétérinaire. (I take my dog with me to the vet.)


Emporter is used to express taking an OBJECT with you. This object must be something you can carry. You go somewhere with it. 

Qu'est-ce que tu emportes quand tu pars en vacances? (What are you taking with you when you go on holiday?)


***Note that the verb PORTER means -to carry in French. Both apporter and emporter contain the verb porter (-to carry). 


Here are the conjugations of the verbs Amener, Apporter, Emmener and Emporter.

 AMENER (Attention to the spelling) APPORTER
J'amène (I bring) J'apporte (I bring)
Tu amènes (You -singular- bring) Tu apportes (You -singular- bring)
Il/elle/on amène (He, she, one brings) Il/elle/on apporte (He, she, one brings)
Nous amenons (We bring) Nous apportons (We bring)
Vous amenez (You -plural/formal- bring) Vous apportez (You-plural/formal- bring)
Ils/elles amènent (They bring) Ils/elles apportent (They bring)


 EMMENER (Attention to the spelling) EMPORTER
J'emmène (I take) J'emporte (I take)
Tu emmènes (You-singular- take) Tu emportes (You-singular- take)
Il/elle/on emmène (He/she/one takes) Il/elle/on emporte (He/she/one takes)
Nous emmenons (We take) Nous emportons (We take)
Vous emmenez (You -plural/formal- take) Vous emportez (You -plural/formal- take)

Ils/elles emmènent (They take)

Ils/elles emportent (They take)


Let's practice! 

Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb amener, apporter, emmener or emporter.

1) J'_____ les enfants à l'école.(-to take)

2) Tu veux qu'on ____ le dessert à la soirée? (-to bring)

3) Qu'est-ce que tu ____ quand tu pars en vacances? (-to take)

4) ____ vos enfants si vous voulez. (-to bring)

5) Je veux ____ une salade au diner. (-to bring)


Check your answers

1) Emmène

2) Apporte

3) Emportes

4) Amenez

5) Apporter



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