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How to use the pronoun "en" in French?

 Pronoun en in French

"En" is certainly one of the most confusing concepts when learning French. In this article, I will explain the logic behind its uses through some examples and expressions.

3 Different uses of "en"

1) "En" = preposition (to, by, in) 

We usually use "en" as a preposition to say "to", "by" or "in". Let's look at these examples:

  • Nous allons en France. (We go to France.)
  • Je vais au travail en voiture. (I go to work by car.)
  • Nous sommes en février. (We are in February.)

2) "En" expresses the quantity

Another common use of "en" is to express quantity and avoid repetition. 

  • Tu as une voiture? (Do you have a car?)

Oui, j'en ai une. (Yes, I have one.)

*En" replaces "une voiture" (a car). So, if you translate into English, you could say: "I have one of them".

  • Combien de cours tu as? (How many courses do you have?)

J'en ai trois. (I have three)

*You can also say "j'ai trois". However, by saying "j'en ai trois", you emphasize what's previously mentioned. The second version is what French people actually could to respond to such a question.

In the negative forms, "en" comes between ne__pas. 

  • Tu as une voiture? (Do you have a car?)

Non, je n'en ai pas. (No, I don't have one.)

3) "En" replaces a thing

The third common version of the use of "en" is with a thing. This thing is usually to be introduced by the preposition "de" or a partitive article "du', "de la", de l' and 'des".

  • Tu joues du piano? (Do you play piano?)

Oui, j'en joue. (Yes, I play it.)

  • Elle est contente de son travail? (Is she happy with her job?)

Oui, elle en est contente. (Yes, she is.)

*Note that "En" always precedes the verb.

Let's practice!

Respond the following questions by using "en"

1) Tu prends des vacances cet été?

2) As-tu un stylo?

3) As-tu besoin de conseils?

4) Es-tu satisfait de ton nouvel appart

5) Manges-tu de la viande?

Check your answers

1) Oui, j'en prends.

2) Oui, j'en ai un.

3) Oui, j'en ai besoin.

4) Oui, j'en suis satisfait.

5) Oui, j'en mange.

5 Useful French Expressions With "En" 

There are a lot of French expressions with "en". Here, we will cover five of them. 

1) Je m'en vais.  (I'm leaving.)

2) Tu m'en veux ?  (Are you mad at me?)

3) J'en ai assez. (I've had enough.)

4) Qu'est-ce que tu en penses ? (What are you thinking of it?)

5) Ne t'en fais pas! (Don't worry!)

Do you know other French expressions with "en"? Let me know in the comments below.

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