What's the difference between sortir and partir in French?


Sortir and partir can be both used for -to leave a place. In this post, you will learn the differences between these two verbs and some tips to use them in a right context.


Sortir means to leave/exit from a place (a room or a building). It's followed by the preposition de.

For example:

  • Les étudiants sortent de la salle de classe. (The students leave the classroom)


Sortir means to go out, as with friends or on a date. It's usually followed by the preposition avec.

For example:

  • Je sors avec mes amis ce soir. (I'm going out with my friends tonight)


Partir means -to leave in general sense/-to go away and can be used with no preposition/place.

  • Je pars. (I'm leaving.)
  • Nous partons demain. (We are leaving tomorrow)


Partir is used to express leaving for a large place such as a city, region or country. It's usually followed by the preposition pour.

  • Quand est-ce que tu pars pour le Canada? (When are you leaving for Canada?
  • Mes parents partent pour New York la semaine prochaine. (My parents are leaving for New York next week)

 Here are the conjugations of these two irregular -ir verbs.


Je sors (I leave) Je pars (I leave)

Tu sors (You- singular- leave)

Tu pars (You- singular- leave)

Il/elle/on sort (He,she, one leaves) Il/elle/on part (He, she, one leaves)
Nous sortons (We leave) Nous partons (We leave)
Vous sortez (You-plural/formal- leave) Vous partez (You
plural/formal- leave)
Ils/elles sortent (They leave) Ils/elles partent (They leave)


Let's practice!

Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb sortir or partir.

1) Anne adore ____  avec ses copains le week-end.

2) Je ___ pour le concert à neuf heures. 

3) Est-ce que vous ____ pour la France cet automne?

4) Mes parents et moi _____ de chez nous.

5) Quand est-ce que tu ___ pour Montréal?


Check your answers

1) sortir

2) pars

3) partez 

4) sortons

5) pars 

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