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5 Benefits of French in Canada You Need to Know

If you thought just being an Anglophone in Canada gave you an advantage, think again! Knowing French and being bilingual is like a superpower you should master. One in every three Canadians speaks French and that should give you an idea. Here are 5 benefits of French in Canada that you need to know.

1) Education opportunities

French university in Canada

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If you know French, your academic possibilities are boundless in Canada. One of the benefits of a bilingual country is, that you get a taste of the best of the best when it comes to educational institutions. You are easily considered in the top universities and you get to choose from the likes of the University of Montreal, Laval University, Université de Moncton, York University-Glendon Campus, and many more!

2) Increase chances for job opportunities

Job for French speakings

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This one is a no-brainer. If you are bilingual and your French game is strong, the door for job opportunities is wide open. The Government of Canada operates in both French and English and a lot of positions coming out through them require French as a prerequisite. Also knowing French is considered an asset in exclusive English-oriented roles in the job market and you also get the opportunity to earn more by being bilingual.

That alone should motivate you to brush up on your French learning skills!

3) Networking and social interaction

Networking in French

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Knowing French can widen your social circle whether in your professional or personal life. Getting to know people with different perspectives other than your own can be quite an enriching experience. Communicate with everyone and embrace that Canadian multiculturalism!

PS: In your job search, it’s always best to network and a lot of positions in Canada look for potential candidates who also know French. If you are that candidate, then the chances of landing that interview are inevitable.

4) Boost in salary

Boost salary in French

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Speaking of job opportunities, this one might push you to learn French. If you are bilingual in Canada, an annual payment of $800 is granted to those who are eligible!

It depends on two factors. One, you have to occupy a bilingual position, and two, you have the Second Language Evaluation (SLE) results confirming that you meet the requirements of your position.

5) French helps you in your immigration journey

French speakers immigration Canada

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Did you know that being bilingual in French and English can increase your Express Entry points in the immigration system? Yes, that’s true!

Express Entry is applicable for skilled workers in Canada and is one pathway to get immigration. The more points under the Express Entry system, the better your chances to get your permanent residency.  

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Je veux ajouter une autre bénéfice. En apprenant le français, je peux avoir un clé pour entrer une culture merveilleuse dans le monde


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