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5 Surprising Reasons Why I Love Canada

I love living in Canada, so much so that I’ve been living here for the past four years and don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. Canada has a lot to offer its residents, and these are just five of the most surprising things I like about it.

With forests covering more than half the country, you might think you’d be out of luck if you wanted to live in an urban area, but you’d be wrong!

1) Free healthcare

Medicine picture

One of my favourite things about being Canadian is that healthcare is provided by our country’s government. Whether you have a serious illness or just need to see a doctor for a quick check-up, you don’t have to worry about how much it’ll cost or whether your health insurance covers it. With affordable care, it makes going to see a doctor less scary, and you won’t avoid getting necessary medical help because of financial issues.

2) Our scenery is beautiful

Banff Alberta

Banff, Alberta

On a good day, you’ll have your pick of gorgeous mountain ranges, tall pine trees and rolling plains. And let’s not forget about our abundance of rivers and lakes. Spend some time on any body of water in Canada—whether it’s Lake Ontario or Vancouver Island—and you might fall in love with it. There are so many things to do: From hiking to golfing to camping, there are tons of activities for people of all ages and interests. You can also find something unique to do in every province!

3) It’s an inclusive place

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Photo by Thom Bradley from Burst

Canada is a place where anyone can find their dream job. There are lots of opportunities for immigrants to settle down here and be a part of something special. Canada is also one of those places where you can feel comfortable about what you want to wear, no matter how eccentric it may seem to someone else. Inclusiveness rules here, so go ahead: Wear your kilt or your sari with pride! There's plenty of room for everyone to live their best life here. Who knows? Your uniqueness might just be what attracts an employer looking forward to having you onboard! 

4) Being bilingual is awesome

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Aside from being an officially bilingual country, most people in Canada speak more than one language, due to multiculturalism. In Quebec, New Brunswick, and Manitoba, kids are required to learn French as part of their public education. And in Vancouver and Toronto, you’ll find over half of all residents speak both English and Mandarin—and that’s just a start! Canadians truly live in two worlds; they have direct access to cultures across borders. It’s awesome!

5) Great Public Transit System

Public transit in many Canadian cities is simply superior to that of American cities. In Toronto, for example, you can get on a subway or bus and travel all over town without encountering any steep prices or long waits. The efficiency of public transit helps reduce traffic congestion and pollution while also saving time and money.


Canada is not just a pretty maple leaf. It’s also one of North America’s largest countries, and with its history dating back to before European colonisation, it has an interesting story to tell. In Canada, you can experience a variety of different climates and cultures. From Toronto (the most populous city in Canada) to Vancouver Island (Canada’s westernmost point), each region has its own charm, food, and traditions that make it unique.

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