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How to prepare for TEF Canada?

What is TEF Canada? How to prepare for this exam? 

TEF Canada

TEF Canada is a general French language exam to assess the knowledge of French. This test is recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and required to apply for permanent residence and Canadian citizenship application.

The TEF Canada is composed of four tests when you apply for a permanent residence:

Listening comprehension (40 min, 60 questions on a computer)

Reading comprehension (60 min, 50 questions on a computer)

Writing expression (60 min, 2 topics on a computer)

Oral expression (15 min, 2 topics with an examiner)

How to prepare for Tef Canada?

To pass the exam, you need to excel in four language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. 

First of all, you can start by understanding the test itself, what the questions are, how they grade, etc. For this, you can check and do the past exams/sample papers. Once you understand the logic of the test, try to determine your level of French, strengths and weaknesses

By doing lots of exercises, you can improve your points of weaknesses!

For example, if you need to improve your listening competence, you need to listen to many podcasts and radio. Try learning some new words, everyday expressions and their pronunciation. Depending on your level, start with the following resources.

Coffee break French

Radio France Inter

Radio Canada

For the reading part, I recommend you to read anything you can find in French. It can be an advertisement, a newspaper article, a postcard, etc. Again, it would be best if you work on your vocabulary to understand the complex texts.

Here are some texts for you.

If you need to improve your writing, start by reading and imitating the style. In the exam, you need to write an argumentative text. So, it'd be beneficial to read this kind of texts to prepare for this exam. 

For speaking, all you need to do is literary to speak! If you have no one to converse with, you can start talking to yourself. While you listen to podcasts or interviews, take note of some useful expressions.

In the exam, there are some situations and play role scenarios. Listening to some conversations about différents topics can help you with this. 

If you want to prepare for this exam with me, you can book your free appointment here. I helped many students to pass TEF Canada. 


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