Meet Manon, Online French Teacher

Hi Manon, first of all, can you tell me about yourself?

Hi Umut, sure! Here are a few things about me:
I come from the south of France. I was a TA at UWO for two years, and I am now a student at uOttawa to become a French teacher. I also teach French online to government workers.

Manon French Teacher

What do you like about teaching French?

I like that there is such a significant interest in learning French. It can be quite a complex language, yet it is such a great tool to communicate with people worldwide. I love that it is such a diverse language.

Online language learning has shown significant growth over the last decade, especially after Covid-19. What do you think about online education?

My studies and my teaching job are online, so I can honestly answer that online education is not easy. It takes a lot of patience and time to become familiar with the different apps and websites that will eventually make your life easier. However, I believe it is necessary to invest that time and energy as online education could offer an excellent alternative for many people beyond COVID.

How do you make your classes interesting and engaging?

I try my best. Teaching is mostly about human connection, so I try to listen to my students and adapt my class to their needs. Learning a language should be fun (most of the time). It gives you another means of communication but also opens your mind to different cultures.

Finally, what are the tips you could give to other French language learners?

My best tip is to integrate French into your home. Even if no one else around you can speak French, it doesn’t mean you can’t practice. Watch a show with subtitles, listen to French songs, watch documentaries about French-speaking countries, have a wine and cheese night with your friends (with moderation always) and say a few words together! It’s all about trying. The more you try, the sooner you’ll succeed.

And remember that French is not just about boring grammar. It isn’t. Look at the bigger picture. When travel is allowed, go out in the world and discover a new way of living.

Thank you!

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