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5 Different Ways to Say Hello In French: Greetings

How to say Hello in French? How do you greet someone in French? What are 3 greetings in French? What is a French Slang for Hello? How do you say Hello in French Canadian? 

There are many ways to say hello and greet people in French. In this article, we’ll learn 5 very common ones.

1) Bonjour

Bonjour is the most common and polite way to say "hello" in French. It means both "hello" and "good morning". You can use it with everyone. 

2) Bonsoir

Bonsoir also means hello but we usually use this one after 6 o’clock to say “good evening”.

3) Salut

Salut is an informal way to say "hello" and it's usually used between friends and family.

It can be translated as "hi". It's French slang for Hello. 

How to say hello in Quebec French and Canadian French?

Although people say "Bonjour", "Bonsoir" or "Salut" in Montréal or Québec, they also have their expressions to say Hello.

4) Allô 

Allô is largely used in Quebec and French Canada to say "hi" in a friendly way. In France, people use this word only when they answer the phone. 

5) Bon matin

Bon matin is how we usually say “good morning” in Quebec and French Canada.

This is a literal translation of "good morning". Bon means "Good" and "matin" means "morning" in French. 

In France, people don't use this word. 

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