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5 Tips to Learn French Fast: Beginners

As a beginner, there is no shortcut to mastering a foreign language, let alone French. But, you can adopt certain strategies to make your learning curve a bit easier and more enjoyable.

Here are 5 tips to learn French fast for beginners:

1. Consistency is the key!

Consistency in French

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We all know that if we are consistent with exercise and a good diet, the results are bound to show. The same principle applies to learning a language like French.

Rather than allocating a bulk of your time towards it once or twice a week, contributing around 30 minutes every day can work wonders.

After all, success requires consistency and dedication.

2. Talk French with others

Talk in French

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Communicating with other people in French to learn can be considered an understatement. We can’t emphasize enough how important of a role it plays.

It is one thing to sit by yourself and learn, but a conversation with someone helps you to practice French in live situations.

The tone of how you are speaking and also how you are receiving information helps you to analyze yourself accordingly.

As a beginner, speak without reservations, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

3. Listen to French podcasts/music

Listen to podcasts in French

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Podcasts and music can be a great way to learn French. Listening to audio can help you to remain focused while learning.

Whether you pick your favourite story in French or have a go at the music of your choice, all these tactics can build towards making it easier for you to learn French.

Podcasts like Coffee Break French, FrenchPod101, and Learn French are some of the good ones for beginners to start with.

Time to make Spotify your best friend!

If you want to learn French with songs, check out our ebook on our store. 

4. French shows and movies

Learn French with movies

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Films and TV shows are a great medium to learn French. Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., are now a common household name thanks to the digital revolution.

Don’t be afraid to switch on subtitles while you watch. It’s okay!

Also if you are interested in comedies, detective shows, or dramas, there is something for everyone on these platforms.

Shows like Lupin on Netlfix are one of the popular ones that have created quite the storm recently. There are many more that demand attention.

If you don’t know which French films to watch, look no further! Check out this wonderful article on Netflix French films by Stephanie.

5. Get hold of children’s books/comics

Children French book and comics

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However old you might be, children’s books and comics are great ways to learn French. The mediums enable you to see words and take notes, unlike listening to a foreign language.

With colourful illustrations accompanying the words, you can get the context of a scene and learn fast. Moreover, they are immersive too, depending on what you would like to read in French.

Here is a recommended list of French comics by me to help you get started!

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