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50 Basic French words for Beginners

Learning a new language can be an exciting and rewarding experience. If you're just starting to learn French, it's essential to build a strong foundation by mastering the basic vocabulary.

In this blog post, I will introduce you to 50 basic French words that every beginner should know, along with their meanings. Let's get started!

1. Bonjour

Meaning: Hello

2. Merci

Meaning: Thank you

3. Oui

Meaning: Yes

4. Non

Meaning: No

5. S'il vous plaît

Meaning: Please

6. Excusez-moi

Meaning: Excuse me

7. Au revoir

Meaning: Goodbye

8. Comment 

Meaning: How

9. Qui

Meaning: Who

10. Quoi

Meaning: What

11. Où

Meaning: Where

12. Pourquoi

Meaning: Why

13. Quand

Meaning: When

14. Combien

Meaning: How much

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15. Maintenant

Meaning: Now

16. Hier

Meaning: Yesterday

17. Aujourd'hui

Meaning: Today

18. Demain

Meaning: Tomorrow

19. Matin

Meaning: Morning

20. Après-midi

Meaning: Afternoon


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21. Soir

Meaning: Evening

22. Nuit

Meaning: Night

23. Homme

Meaning: Man

24. Femme

Meaning: Woman

25. Ami/amie

Meaning: Friend

26. Enfant

Meaning: Child

27. Famille

Meaning: Family

28. Maison

Meaning: House/Home

29. Voiture

Meaning: Car

30. Chien

Meaning: Dog


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31. Chat

Meaning: Cat

32. Manger

Meaning: To eat

33. Boire

Meaning: To drink

34. Dormir

Meaning: To sleep

35. Travail

Meaning: Work

36. Étude

Meaning: Study

37. Livre

Meaning: Book

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38. Stylo

Meaning: Pen

39. Papier

Meaning: Paper

40. Ordinateur

Meaning: Computer

41. Téléphone

Meaning: Phone

42. Musique

Meaning: Music

43. Film

Meaning: Movie/Film

44. Jouer

Meaning: To play

45. Voyage

Meaning: Travel

46. Temps

Meaning: Time

47. Montre

Meaning: Watch

48. Argent

Meaning: Money

49. Bon

Meaning: Good

50. Mauvais

Meaning: Bad


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