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Anita's Journey: How She Mastered French for Her Trip to Cannes, France

Anita's Story 

Despite having learned French in school, Anita found limited opportunities to use the language in her daily life as she resides in Toronto, where there aren’t many French speakers. However, when she planned her career trip to Cannes, she realized the importance of enhancing her French skills. This led her to seek personalized lessons with Umut, a French instructor known for his tailored approach to education. With Umut's guidance and support, Anita quickly improved her speaking skills, enabling her to confidently communicate in French during her recent trip to the beautiful city of Cannes.

 A woman stands near the Cannes festival sign with a beautiful sea in the background on a sunny day.

Credit: Anita Yung

About Anita 

Anita is a multi-talented actress, model, and sound designer who had a beginner level of proficiency in French. Prior to attending the Cannes Film Festival, where she had been invited, she recognized the value of refreshing her French skills. Anita believed that having a grasp of the language would not only facilitate navigation but also serve as an advantage for networking purposes.

Language Goals 

Anita's primary objective was to express herself effectively during her travels, including tasks such as navigating the city, ordering at restaurants, and communicating her immediate needs in French. To achieve this, she aimed to refresh her vocabulary and improve her pronunciation skills.

Umut's Support in Refreshing Anita's French

Umut worked closely with Anita, addressing her specific needs and learning materials. Through individual consultations, he assisted Anita in acquiring useful expressions for her journey, ensuring accurate pronunciation, and providing valuable cultural insights. He also incorporated helpful vocabulary and pronunciation tips to help her gain confidence in using French during her travels. Umut customized conversation lessons specifically for the industry, including common phrases and that she might use during the festival.

 Alt text: A festival name tag for Anita Yung placed on a restaurant table, indicating her participation in the event.

Credit: Anita Yung


Anita's dedication and Umut's personalized approach enabled her to rapidly enhance her French speaking skills and successfully interact with French people during her travel, allowing her to network effectively. Whether it was ordering at restaurants, asking for directions, or engaging in conversations, Anita felt confident expressing herself in French. Her improved language skills opened up new opportunities and enriched her overall travel experience.

Need Assistance with Your French?

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The Cannes festival area adorned with French flags, tables, and white sun umbrellas.

Credit: Anita Yung

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