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How Paul Improved His French Speaking to Connect Better with His Family

Paul's Story

Paul had always loved speaking French, but after years of not using it regularly, he found himself struggling to connect with his family. That's when he decided to take action and seek help from Umut, French instructor who specializes in adult education. With Umut's guidance and support, Paul was able to quickly improve his speaking skills and rediscover the joy of conversing with his loved ones about his favorite topics.

About Paul

Paul is a retired French enthusiast who has always been passionate about birdwatching and baseball. Although he had learned French in secondary school, he had not used it regularly for many years and was feeling disconnected from his French-speaking family. He knew that he needed to refresh his skills if he wanted to rebuild those relationships and feel more confident in his conversations.

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The language goals

Paul's main goal was to be able to converse comfortably with his family about his favorite topics, such as birdwatching and baseball. He knew that he needed to refresh his vocabulary and pronunciation skills in order to do so, and he was eager to find a tutor who could provide personalized instruction that would meet his unique needs.

How did Umut help Paul to improve his speaking?

Umut worked closely with Paul to create a personalized plan that focused on the topics that interested him the most. Through a combination of individual and group lessons, Umut helped Paul to improve his vocabulary and pronunciation, and provided regular homework assignments to reinforce what he had learned. Umut was patient and supportive throughout the process, and provided Paul with the guidance and feedback he needed to make steady progress.


After 10 sessions, Paul was able to quickly improve his French speaking skills and reconnect with his family in a meaningful way.

Need some help with your French?

If you are facing similar challenges with your own language learning goals, we can help you refresh your skills and create a plan that will meet your unique needs. Contact us today to get started on your own success story!

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