4 Great Tips for easy French pronunciation

Should You Pronounce the Final Letter of French Words? How to read French? How to pronounce French words? What not to pronounce in French? What are the silent French letters?

In this short video, you will find an answer to these questions.

Note these tips 

1) Final consonant is not pronounced 

For example: petit, japonais "t" and "s" is not pronounced. 

2) Note the CaReFuL rule

If a word ends with c, r, f, or l, you need pronounce them.

For example, in the following words, last consonant is pronounced avec, par, sportif and sel 

3) Final -e is always silent

Don't pronounce -e in the following words: commode, active, livre, etc.

4) Consonants that precede the final -e is pronounced

For example, we pronounce the -t in the word petite, because it precedes -e. 


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