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4 Creative Ways Parents Can Support Their Child In A French Program

The mind of a child is like a sponge and it is ready to absorb whatever knowledge may come. If your child is enrolled in a French Program, the role of parents is as much important as French tutors in supporting them and taking advantage of their receptive nature.

Here are 4 ways parents can support their children in a French program:

1.Learn French yourself:  

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(Imdb credit: scholastic.com)

One of the best ways to support your children in helping them learn French is to start learning it yourself as well if you do not know the language.

Learning together with your children will help motivate them as well and the whole journey can be made a fun process.

It is never too late to join a French program with your children. It will be a great opportunity to bond with your child, as the time you spend with them will mean a lot to them!

PS- We have recently launched 101 Practical French for Beginners. The online course package is a great way to jump in on an immersive French learning experience with your children!

2. French Comics are the way to go:

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(Imdb credit: frenchbien.com)

We can’t emphasize enough why French comics are one of the most creative ways to help your child learn French. Whether it be the adventures of the famous Gaul Asterix, Tintin and his trusted dog Snowy, Gaston Lagaffe, etc., the possibilities are endless!

Fear no more as we have you covered when it comes to French comic books. Here you will find our selection of famous French comics to start with!

3. French music for the soul:

Man playing guitar for the little girl

(Imdb credit: allroundclub.com)

In terms of bonding with your children and learning French at the same time, listening to French music is one of the most joyful activities in our opinion.

With platforms like Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud etc. to choose from, you can further brush up on your French skills in no time, along with the kids.

It is one thing to read French from text, but listening to French music further enhances the learning experience. It adds flavour to it!

Speaking of French songs, check out our list of Best French Songs of All Time!.

4. Add French movies for children to the mix:

Screen shot from an animated film

(Imdb credit: fluentu.com)

Similar to comic books, French movies are another creative visual learning experience for parents and kids alike. There are so many quality-driven French animation movies to choose from, and some of them have also been covered by us! See 7 French Animated Films for Kids.

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