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5 Best Ways To Learn French On Your Own

The thought of learning a new language like French can be a daunting task, let alone on your own. But it can be made fun if you are adopting the right strategies and also gain a new skill in the process.

Here are the 5 best ways to learn French on your own!

1) Aim for the Basics

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The best way to start is to go simple and at your own pace, quality over quantity as they say. One way to do that is to get a hold of a French dictionary for beginners. The visuals always help to give life to the related word and the inclusion of simple greetings, nouns, adjectives, etc. in the books set the foundation for further advanced words as you go further in your French learning journey.

PS: Writing those words down as you speak will make you a pro in no time!

2) Gestures and Body Language

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Now you must be thinking, what body language has to do with learning French, and we would tell you EVERYTHING! This usually goes under the radar in a traditional classroom setting as the focus is more upon “learning” French than “living and breathing” it. The French are animated in expression whenever they greet and talk to each other.

It is a way to express through gestural movement, which is a language in itself. Look at French speakers and see how they talk. Adopt that strategy, as absorbing the language and channelling it through your physical movements will help you to learn quickly.

3) Live the Culture

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Learning a language is not just about reading verbatim and memorizing things. It can get boring if you follow that path and can lead to a lack of motivation to make any efficient progress. In the case of French, immersing yourself in the culture that surrounds the language is the perfect way to make things interesting.

Thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube etc., along with podcasts and books, you can truly make it fun. It helps you to see how native speakers speak, but as I mentioned before, the visual medium is a powerful tool in helping you learn quickly by yourself.

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4) The subjective right approach

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How you learn and what works for you can be totally subjective. There is no right approach for each individual. Some like the traditional classroom setting and some rely on songs, books, films, apps, etc. to master French. We recommend picking a medium that truly interests you and going from there. It is only through trial and error that you can observe your performance and interest and keep making progress.

Slow and steady as they say.

5) Make realistic goals

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Speaking of subjective approach, in order to keep yourself in check, set approximately an hour every day. It is easy to get lost, especially learning French on your own and it’s always best to keep a track of your progress.

Now that can be any time of the day depending on your availability and comfort. Depending on your learning capabilities, keep things structured and make a calendar as well along with it. Remember, you don’t have to rush through learning French! Take your time on your weak points and strengthen them as you go along.

You got this!

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