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7 French Animated Films

One of the best ways to learn any language is to make it fun. Animation films are a great source for that. 

It can help you and your kids to learn how to pronounce certain words, while also paying attention to the overall structure and context.

This list picks out 7 French animated films, which you can enjoy watching with your children and also help them learn in the process.

1) Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion (Astérix: Le Secret de la Potion Magique) (2018)

Asterix movie

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René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo’s creation is rendered yet again in animation form in Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion.

Druid Getafix is looking for a worthy successor to pass on the secret of the famous magic potion, which has helped the Gaulish village fight against the Roman invaders on multiple occasions. The story comes with the staple Asterix humour and loads of Roman bashing, as expected.

It consists of slick animations, outstanding visuals, heroism, and adventure, and can be enjoyed by both adults and children.

2) The Painting (Le tableau) (2011)

Le tableau movie

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Directed by Jean-François Laguionie, The Painting tells the tale of a painter who abandons his painting. Some of the characters of his work are fully painted, others are partially done, and the rest are concept sketches of what could have been.

Because of that, the social classes within the painting clash and it is upto Lola, Plume, and Ramo, the characters of the painting to find the artist and get answers to their questions.

The visuals of the film compliment the subject matter and there are subtle adult themes as well which can be taken away by parents.   

3) The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales (Le Grand Méchant Renard et autre contes) (2017)

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The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales is a story about a fox who is the least of worries for all the chickens, he wants to scare. He loses against the hens and makes a fool of himself. Despite the wolf, another character’s help in the film, the fox still manages to not be intimidating at all.  

The fox steals 3 eggs and his plan is to take care of them till the chicks grow up and he eats them. But things don’t go according to plan as the chicks start assuming him as their mother.

Benjamin Renner and Patrick Imbert are the duos behind this adorable tale and it is a delight for all ages.

4) Cat in Paris (Une vie de chat) (2010)

A cat in Paris movie

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A Cat in Paris can be considered as a controversial film on this list due to the exploration of themes like revenge, violence, death, and grief. But it has to be mentioned because of its intriguing story.

A Cat in Paris has been directed by Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol. The story is about a cat called Dino, who lives with Zoé, a little girl. Zoé’s mother Jeanne works as a detective for the Parisian Police force and she is trying to seek out her husband’s murderer.

There is more to Dino than meets the eye as the cat is leading a double life. At night Dino is helping a burglar Nico, while during the day spends time with Zoé.

The night scenes with the beautiful Parisian skyline as the backdrop, are a treat and the animations are beautifully rendered.

5) Skhizein (2008)

Skhizein image

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Skhizein is a short film and has been directed by Jérémy Clapin. The French animation was a success during its release and is known for its unique design.

Henri, the character of the movie falls victim to a 150-ton meteorite as it drops inches away from him. Surprisingly, he lives to tell the tale, but there is a catch. Henri now has to survive 91cms from himself.

Skhizein got a lot of accolades, especially at Annecy, Cannes, and the Manhattan Short Film Festival.

6. Asterix Versus Caesar (Astérix et la surprise de césar) (1985)

Asterix Versus Caesar movie

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Another Asterix adventure makes it to this list and for good reason. In Asterix versus Caesar, our heroes Asterix and Obelix go to Rome to save two lovers who were kidnapped from their village.

No Asterix tale is complete without fighting Romans and this one too has the usual ingredients of the iconic characters. Also added to the mix are gladiators, hungry lions, and slave traders, as the Gaulish warriors try to rescue the lovers in time before it’s too late.

We also get to see the iconic Roman landmark, the Colosseum, and Julius Caesar himself.

7) A Town Called Panic (Panique au village) (2009)

A Town Called Panic movie

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A product of Belgium, A Town Called Panic revolves around a Cowboy, Indian, and the Horse. Both Cowboy and Indian plan to surprise Mr. Horse on his birthday, but things don’t go according to plan. The result is total chaos.

The story is filled with other colourful characters as well like the mad scientist and his robot, a penguin, a farmer who is also their neighbour, to name a few.

This brilliant French Claymation is a hidden gem and has been directed by Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar.

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Interesting article…will definitely watch some of the recommendations:)

Simran Seth

Interesting article…will definitely watch some of the recommended movies :)

Simran Seth

A very nice and an interesting article. It gets better and better as we scroll, very intriguing.

Yuvraj Seth

Very informative article, I’ve always wanted to learn French and movies are definitely the best way to learn it. Can’t wait to watch these animated films. These films all seem interesting and unique and I bet they cater to all audiences and not just kids!

Shaurya Batra

Great article! All the films provide a unique message for the younger generations to adapt to and learn from!

Avi Sethi

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