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Fun and fast way to learn French: songs!

Studying a language through songs is probably one of the fun and fast approaches to sharpening your skills. In this article, you will find some benefits of songs in your French learning journey.

1.Boost your vocabulary 

Learning vocabulary is an essential part of expressing yourself in French. Songs include many words and expressions, so they can help you boost your vocabulary very quickly.

Many French learners are struggling to use the vocabulary in the proper context. Songs can help fix that.

They also include some slangs, which is very useful in speaking French like a native.

Click here to start improving your vocabulary with songs. 

2.Improve your listening skills

Like speaking, listening is one of the four skills you need to excel in if you want to communicate in French. To respond to people and speak French, you need to understand them first. Many learners find that French people speak so fast.

While you listen to French songs, you can improve your comprehension and catch the words you hear.

Friends in France

3.Learn French grammar

Songs can be an effective way to learn some grammar because they include many complex and straightforward grammar rules and topics such as tenses, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, etc. They can accelerate your French grammar learning.

Start practicing French tenses and moods with resource.

4.Master your pronunciation

Many people find French pronunciation challenging because there are many unusual sounds like -r or nasal sounds for French learners. Songs can help you with this because you will find the pronunciation of many difficult words in songs. You can hear how a native pronounces certain words and practice with them.

This can also help you gain confidence in French pronunciation. 

Here is a song for you to practice. 

5.Explore the culture

Understanding the culture is the most critical aspect of language learning. French songs can help to give you a taste of French culture as they include some casual sayings and expressions. You will also see how French people express themselves in songs and learn some cultural nuances and expressions for different situations.

Music is like travelling and a great way to immerse yourself in the French language and culture! You will be surprised how many love songs there are in French!

Check out this love songs list to study French on your own. 

South of France

Songs can be an intimate learning experience overall. It’s more of an active part of learning as opposed to reading the words passively. That can be extremely beneficial and who knows you might find some catchy French tunes for your playlist in the process!

Check out this love songs list to study French on your own. 

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