Our Story

The story of Tumu Learning started in 2020 during a casual gathering with friends at a café in downtown Toronto. As a Ph.D. student deeply passionate about the French language and literature, I was already tutoring students online. One of my friends, who happened to work for Shopify, suggested creating a website to help me reach a larger number of students.

Since then, Tumu Learning has grown into a vibrant online learning platform, offering various resources such as online courses, e-books, and engaging content on social media platforms.

I have been able to build a community of over 60k followers on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media channels.

My courses have successfully supported numerous students in improving their French language skills, leading them to secure jobs, immigrate to Canada, and achieve success in their professional lives.

To learn more about the story behind my business, feel free to read my interview.

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Meet Umut

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Hi there,

Welcome to Tumu Learning! My name is Umut and I’m a French Language Teacher.

I understand that learning a new language can be a challenging and lengthy process, but I believe that it can also be enjoyable and manageable. With Tumu Learning, I aim to make this journey fun and easy for you by providing new and innovative ways to motivate yourself and improve your communication skills.

During my own French journey, I noticed that many language courses focus solely on grammar, neglecting the practical, real-life application of the language. I realized that there is a significant difference between textbook French and the French used in everyday life. I had to make extra efforts to learn conversational French and reach fluency.

That's why I founded Tumu Learning - to help people SPEAK French, without being bogged down by cumbersome grammar rules. My programs are designed to help individuals achieve their goals, whether they're learning French for professional or personal reasons, such as immigration or travel.

Let’s get started!


Oo-moot (Here's how to pronounce it.)


Umut Incesu, PhD , He/him

Founder & Director of Tumu Learning